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Our Bakes

Jack's Sourdough

Our sourdough starter is made with a 50/50 mix of white & wholemeal flour.

It is then mixed, folded and shaped, fermenting for around 16 hours in total before being baked on a hot stone at 250 degrees!

Bacon & Cheddar Mini-Loaves

Our take on the Ham & Cheese sandwich, this mini loaf comes in around the size of a pasty, filled with smoked back Danish bacon and mature cheddar cheese.

Also available in wholemeal too.

Best enjoyed warm as a tasty treat, they often don't last long!

Pain au Chocolat

Our Chocolate Croissant are made the same way and ooze with yummy batons of Valrhona 44% dark chocolate.

Overnight White Cob

Our White Cob is pre-fermented overnight, then mixed and shaped the following morning.

Baked at a high temperature give it a lovely dark brown crust, with a buttery flavour inside.

My go-to with 'proper' butter and Bonne Maman jam, Delish!


Our rolls come in two different styles; Soft White or Crusty Dinner.

The Soft White Rolls are more similar to a burger bap, soft and fluffy and sweetened with sugar.

Our Crusty Dinner Rolls on the other hand do not contain added sugar and are perfect for dunking in a bowl of soup.

Parmesan Cheese Twists

Our Parmesan & Cheddar twists are made with a home-made buttery rough puff and layered with Parmesan, Cheddar & Double Gloucester.

Also available with Marmite too, for those that love it!

Farmhouse Loaves

Our farmhouse loaves are baked in 2lb loaf tins, and shaped to give the sandwich bread look, making them ideal for slicing!

Available in White, Wholemeal and now Granary!

Buttery Croissants

Our Buttery Croissants are made with high quality Lescure Patisserie Butter and fine french pastry flour; shaped on the day for ultimate freshness and that delicate french texture, sure to bring back memories of travels abroad!

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